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It is a convenient and healthy addition to many Kosher recipes and, since it is Parve, can be mixed with other meats or dairy. Salmon has one of the highest concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids, more than other fish, meat or poultry sources. Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to numerous health benefits, including the reduction of cholesterol and lowered risk of heart disease and stroke. Though we use honey, there are no carbohydrates in Honey Smoked Salmon as they are burned off along with the fat calories during the cooking process.

Wild Smoked Salmon

Learn more about our nutritional benefits here. All of our salmon is sourced from certified, sustainable ocean farms. Learn more about our eco-friendly fishing processes here.

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  5. Movable wild fisheries provide greater control over environmental pollutants, and allow ecosystems to return to a natural state more rapidly. While overfishing has become a significant issue with wild caught salmon, our ocean farm-raised Atlantic salmon stock is stable, making Honey Smoked Salmon more affordable, more delicious, and better for the earth all year round.

    Learn more about the Honey Smoked Salmon difference here. Honey Smoked Fish Company purchases salmon from sustainable suppliers that use FDA approved natural carotenoid colorant, Astaxanthin, in their feed. This carotenoid is identical to the types absorbed by salmon in the wild from eating krill and other planktonic organisms, and also provides antioxidant health benefits to consumers.

    Wild vs Farmed Smoked Salmon

    We're glad you asked! View Recipes. How long will my salmon remain fresh? How are packages shipped?

    Honey smoked salmon coupon

    Is Honey Smoked Salmon Kosher? Wild smoked salmon roams the waters at will, and therefore is typically leaner less fatty than farmed salmon. Moreover, the fat content and texture of wild smoked salmon can vary, so the flavor can also vary depending on the fish itself. Once the salmon starts coming in from the ocean to spawn, the fat content will start to decrease at it strains to make its way upriver.

    So where the fish is caught will also affect the flavor and fat content. A fish caught way upriver will have wasted its fat reserves, and therefore will be much less desirable. Farmed smoked salmon, on the other hand, will almost always have identical fat contents, which will also tend to be high as they do not need to make the strenuous journey up stream. Farmed Smoked Salmon Due to the convenience and depleted wild salmon populations, aquaculture has become a major world industry.

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    5. Today, most smoked salmon is farmed all around the world, which provides a steady supply of fresh and smoked salmon to the market. When examining farmed smoked salmon, where the fish comes from becomes less important than, as opposed to wild smoked salmon, where origin is everything.

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      How the fish are raised, cured, and the smoking technique used become the more determining factors on the quality and labeling of the fish. The way to make it less confusing is to think of it this way: The more important issue is the flavor and smoking. In the case of salmon, fat is flavor.

      Smoked Salmon Recipe - How to Smoke Salmon

      Since farmed salmon are more sedentary than their wild counterparts, farmed smoked salmon has a more buttery smooth flavor, oilier and, some will argue, more flavorful. As for the color, it tends to have a brighter red color, which is actually derived from chemically enhanced feed pellets placed at the bottom of the lake farm-raised salmon without the use of these pellets would be very unappetizing grey color. The bottom line is that unless you go to a specialty store, and pay high prices, and it happens to be the netting season, you will more often than not be consuming farmed smoked salmon.

      Farmed smoked salmon has another advantage over its wild cousin: There are currently no ratings for this item. Be the first to rate this item.

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